Vrangvendt is an audio-visual DIY-project consisting of Lasse Lund and Kristine Nydahl.
Through music, lyrics and art, Vrangvendt establish their obscure universe, which is the manifestation of the inner worlds of the two creators and their innermost thoughts and feelings.
Vrangvendt’s music is raw and serious yet playful and experimental - but above all else it is honest and sincere.
Everything in Vrangvendt is done by the duo themselves. They write, record, mix and master the music, create all visuals and grapichs and release the music themselves. Vrangvendt aim for pure, unsullied and sincere expression of their own ideas.
Every Vrangvendt song has unique visual representation in the form of photographic artwork. All visuals are created by Kristine Nydahl, who is also the voice behind the fragile and doll-like vocals in Vrangvendt.